Frequently Asked Questions

If you are already registered with Compliance Depot for another management company you will still have to complete a separate and specific Compliance Depot approval process in order to become a Bell Partners vendor. Bell Partners has specific insurance and risk requirements that are designed to protect the interests of our residents, associates, and ownership groups.

Yes. Any vendor who desires to work with Bell Partners must register first and be approved thru Compliance Depot. Once your Compliance Depot approval process is complete you will then be sent an invitation to join Vendor Café for electronic invoice submission and tracking.

There is an annual subscription fee for Compliance Depot, currently $99, which covers background screening, insurance verification, and professional license verification in addition to serving as a document clearinghouse for all related and required documentation. This fee is considered a cost of doing business and cannot be billed back to the proeprty(s) being serviced.

Yes, one of the requirements of becoming a Bell Partners Inc. vendor is a willingness to participate in the Yardi Vendor Café and submit invoices electronically.

There are three specific methods for entering invoices electronically into our billing system.

  1. Via the vendor café
  2. Via the vendor café using a specific CSV template
  3. Via EDI thru the Yardi Marketplace

No. There is no charge to use Yardi’s Vendor Café invoicing portal. In addition to being free, Vendor Café offers you visibility into the status of your invoices, meaning you can track your invoices all the way thru our approval workflow to payment process.

Yes, properties should always provide vendors with a PO prior to ordering or requesting service, depending on the service that you provide, a PO may be required in order to submit your invoice for payment.

Quickbooks and many other accounting software programs can be configured to upload invoices via a CSV template. Once fully approved as a vendor you should contact [email protected] for assistance in getting started.

Yes, Bell Partners, Inc. via the Yardi Marketplace has the ability to accept invoicing via EDI. Once fully approved as a vendor you should contact [email protected] for further details and to begin integration.

Of course. Being a managed catalog supplier means the properties will be able to order products and services from you directly through the Yardi Marketplace system. Once you are fully approved as a Bell Partners, Inc. vendor you can reach out to the Yardi Marketplace team to register as a managed catalog vendor, contact [email protected] for more details and guidance.

Feel free to email [email protected] We check the email box regularly and respond to questions as quickly as possible.