Becoming a Bell Vendor

Visit our Bell Apartment Living website to search for apartments by metro area.

  • If you wish to service a specific property, you should contact that community directly. In most cases, new vendors are chosen directly by the properties.
  • If you are able to service our entire portfolio and wish to establish a national agreement, Contact Us. If we are in need of your services, someone from corporate will be in contact with you.

To get started

If you have been selected as a vendor to perform work for a community or region, and you agree to our Vendor Requirements for Bell Partners, you can follow the steps below to begin your enrollment as a Bell Partners vendor.


Vendors are not allowed to begin performing work for our communities until all the steps below are complete as payment may be delayed.

  1. Download the new vendor set-up form. Complete part II and return the form to the community or regional office that selected you as the vendor.
  2. Establish an account with Compliance Depot for Bell Partners once you receive the email or fax with instructions on setting up your account. Please note Bell has a closed enrollment system, so you must wait for the email or fax from Compliance Depot to begin your enrollment.
  3. Become Approved in Compliance Depot for Bell Partners. You will not be able to proceed to step #4 until your Compliance Depot status shows Approved.
  4. Once you have been Approved with Compliance Depot, you will receive a Vendor Cafe Activation Email, sent to the primary email contact on file, for electronic invoicing in the Yardi Procure to Pay (P2P) system, be sure to pay close attention to the directions in the activation email as it is a two-step process.
    1. Follow the steps provided in the activation email to establish your account.
    2. Be sure you complete registration with Yardi P2P/Vendor Café, as you will not be fully approved until registration has been completed.

Once approved as a vendor

  1. You may begin servicing the property(s)
  2. Start Submitting Invoices.
    1. ALL invoices should be submitted electronically through Yardi P2P


Questions regarding the enrollment process can be sent to [email protected]