Associate Testimonials

Allison R., SVP Investor Accounting

I am thrilled to work at an industry-leading organization that cares about getting things right. Our core values are clearly presented and faithfully pursued. There is a tangible energy and excitement that comes from the growth opportunities ahead; we are in the right place at the right time with the right people!

Rokey R., Director HR

When I think of what I enjoy about the Bell Partners Inc. family (and there is plenty), I always come back to the same thing: our Core Values. They really embody what we do and how we do it every day. Walking into the corporate office for the first time, I was immediately struck by the positive atmosphere. Each person I met was professional, friendly and they all were imbued with the same sense of purpose – it felt like a place where great things were happening! I feel that atmosphere every day I come to work – it is great to know that we are all working towards the same goals and to be a part of that energy.

Erin R., Regional Manager

I have been a member of the Bell Partners management team since March, 2008 and have worked in the Property Management industry since 1988. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate being a member of the Bell Partners Team. As a Bell associate, you experience a work environment that possesses a strong sense of family. The commitment to Bell's established values is demonstrated every day through testimonials, attitude and overall performance of the Bell associates.

Meredith S., Operations Specialist

My journey at Bell Partners began in 2005 as a leasing consultant and today I work in Operations in compliance. Here at Bell, excellence is an everyday expectation for all that we do. I love the way that Bell combines a family atmosphere with professionalism among co-workers, investors, residents and prospects.

Nickolay B., Executive VP Investments

Bell Partners is an exemplary company with high integrity and passion to be the best apartment owner and manager in the country. Since 2001, I have witnessed first-hand the company's ability to "do the right thing every time," care for its investors in extraordinary ways, attract and retain high-performance and high-potential team members, and invest heavily in the future of the organization. The leadership team is focused on building a company that lasts for multiple generations. Bell is a special place for those who are passionate about doing business in the apartment sector.

Virginia H., Lead A/P Specialist

I began my career with Bell in 2001 when accounts payable was a a two-person department. It has been my pleasure to be part of and experience Bell's growth. Today, our accounts payable team is one of the best in the industry.

CJ B., Maintenance Manager

The unique culture at Bell Partners attracts talented team members, and this in turn has had a direct impact on the success and growth of the company. Since joining Bell in 2007, the Core Values and initiatives make it a privilege to be a part of such an exciting work environment! Looking forward to the continued growth as an individual and as a company!

Tiffany M., VP Operations

Working for Bell Partners has truly enriched my life. The Core Values that we strive to achieve not only make me a better employee, but have made me a better person overall. Bell Partners understands the importance of supporting and investing in their people and this is why there are endless opportunities for growth. I enjoy working at Bell Partners, where my ideas and contributions make a difference.

Wende S., SVP Operations

I have had the pleasure of being with Bell Partners since 2008. One of the many things I enjoy about our culture is the sense of teamwork. One of our Core Values is “Put the Team First,” which is truly lived out and supported every day.

Our associates share a common appreciation for the value of diversity and inclusion. This includes understanding the skill and behaviors required to effectively manage our similarities and differences. We will create a work environment that allows everyone to contribute to their fullest potential