Vendor Requirements

All vendors who wish to work with Bell Partners must comply with the Vendor Management Program (VMP). VMP is a two-step program comprised of Compliance Depot and OpsTechnology. Why should you participate? View a list of benefits.

Compliance Depot

Compliance Depot is a risk management tool that will help keep Bell Apartment Living properties safe by screening all vendors to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage and a clean background.

To be considered compliant, vendors must register with Compliance Depot and maintain a status of "approved". To become an "approved" vendor in Compliance Depot, vendors must:

  • Pay an annual fee directly to Compliance Depot.
  • Submit a current W-9 form.
  • Sign a vendor agreement.
  • Pass a company and principal owner background check.
  • Have adequate insurance coverage depending on your industry code.
  • Have the correct additional insured language on your certificate of insurance.
  • Provide appropriate endorsements.

Download Insurance Requirements. The Insurance Information Document provides sample certificates of insurance, industry codes, corresponding insurance limits and additional insured language.


OpsTechnology is a purchasing and electronic invoice processing platform. There are two types of electronic vendors in OpsTechnology – Managed Catalog and Electronic Invoice.

NOTE: Bell Partners prefers vendors to register for Managed Catalog especially if providing parts or turn services. Where Managed Catalog is not applicable vendors should register as Electronic Invoice.

  • What is a Managed Catalog vendor?
    Managed Catalog vendors host a catalog of parts and services on OpsTechnology that allows properties to shop online for your goods and services. Orders are transmitted electronically through Ops directly to you as the supplier. Once the goods and services have been delivered, invoices are then transmitted electronically to the property using the OpsTechnology platform. This is the preferred method, but may not apply to all monthly services such as landscaping, water coolers, pest control, etc..

  • What is an Electronic Invoice vendor?
    Electronic Invoice vendors cannot receive orders through the OpsTechnology platform, but they can submit invoices electronically to the properties. Do note that electronic invoices are not scanned, faxed, or emailed invoices. Electronic invoices are those keyed directly into the OpsMerchant platform, which does require vendors to register for an OpsMerchant account.

Bell Approved Vendor

Once vendors have completed both Part A and Part B, they will be considered a Bell Approved Vendor. Both programs do have an associated cost to vendors to participate. Download Fee Information from Ops Technology and Compliance Depot. Failing to keep an approved status in Compliance Depot or submit an electronic invoice through OpsTechnology may result in delayed payments, cancellation of further services, and removal from the Bell Approved Vendor list.

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